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Zeerak School Information Management System

Zeerak School Features:

A school related project with almost all aspects of school life covered:

1. Admission Process

2. Teacher Hiring Process

3. Attendance of Students and Teachers

4. Fees of Students and invoices

5. Homework Management

6. Notification System for Students and Teachers

7. Exam and Test Management

8. Separate Student Login, Teacher Login, Parents Login and Admin Login

9. Profile Managment

10. Warning System

11. Leave Management System for students and teachers

12. Online Attendance with and without Scanner

13. Fee Invoice to Student Accounts

14.Gate Entry with Scanner

15. Syllabus Management

16. Staff Duty and Staff Account

17. Fees Allocation with Single Click with Invoices

18. Suggestions for Tests and Exams when syllabus proceed ahead

19. Mobile App

20. Desktop App for Windows, Mac and linux

21. And much more with Guide Book and Video Tutorials

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How to get the app

Go to Google Playstore and search for ZeerakSchool. 

When you see ZeerakSchool, hit Install. It is very small in size and does not consume your mobile space. Actually it is smaller than one mobile picture.

Wait till it is installed.

Open it...

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Let's get you started

You can learn almost all the features and functions of the skoolum engine in this guide. The book creates a School and then shows all functionalities for admin, admin roles, teachers, students, parents, staff and helping staff. With this guide book that shows you screens and pictures of the system and how it is supposed to work, will get you...

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You can actually see what happens and how it happens

The Guide Book for skoolum and Youtube videos correlate with each other. You can easily switch from a video to the related chapter or vice versa. Watching the video will make the book easily readable as the resource material. 

All the chapters of the Skoolum Guide Book and the videos on youtube are related to specific roles of the...

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Conceptual Overview of Skoolum System

Please note that it is a very large image and it may need some time before it is fully downloaded with clear definition.

You can also view this video here. 


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